Innovative Financial Services: The Affiliated Advantage

Lease Purchase.  A Power Tool For Your Business.

Leasing is not just for companies with small budgets

Leasing saves working capital
-You can finance 100% of your equipment costs; there's no down payment.

Leasing establishes additional credit lines
-Your existing bank lines remain intact for other financial needs.

Leasing includes all costs of acquisition
-Your lease payments can also include the costs of delivery, installation, software, and other service charges.

Leasing offers tax advantages
-Your lease payments may be deductible as an operating expense. Check with your accountant.

Leasing gives you long-term flexibility
-When your lease expires, you can either return the equipment or purchase it.

Leasing expands your budget
-Leasing's affordable monthly payments can mean the difference between improving your business now or waiting for future cash availability.

Leasing is a hedge against inflation
-Tomorrow's dollar may not have today's purchasing power, so it makes sense to use tomorrow's dollars to pay for today's new equipment.

Leasing reduces risk of obsolescence
-You can use the equipment you need today, without the risk of depreciation reducing the value or functionality of your equipment investment.

Commercial Buyer Tools:

Credit Application     ACH Form

Trifold Brochure     Bank vs Lease